Mapping quests

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Mapping quests

Postby mok » Wed Aug 02, 2017 8:19 pm

So, the quests are pretty hard, in the sense that they involve a lot of uncertainty, and often lots and lots of walking. And walking in this game is tough: I think I need to sleep for every 1-2 km I walk in this game. So I thinking sharing makes sense to reduce that uncertainty (let's not try to spoil too much, though).

1. I've done 4 quests now:
- One was the dungeons quest (after 7 dungeon tokens, you get a parchment piece from the tokens-holding guy).
- One was the quest where you go to the shadow world to save a woman's daughter. You get teleported there by a shadow creature that appears more or less randomly. for me it was in a town. once you find the daughter in the shadow world, right-click her (she disappears) and use a shadow crystal to teleport back in the normal world.
- There's one I can't remember what it was. I think I got it after slaying a beast in a dungeon. But I'm not sure.
- One was the first of the mountains quest. This particular mountain was at -14900,-14900: the parchment piece was atop of it. (Wand guy tells us it's close to the origin of life (OL), at -16k,-16k)

2. Quests to come:
- From the pieces I got, I think that there are at least four more pieces. So 4 quests to go.
- Rumor has it that there are 4 mountains with 4 pieces. So 3 more quests there.
- The wand guy also tells us there is a mountain 20km NE to OL. Either it means you have to travel 20km NE, to about -1858,-1858, to find the mountain, or it means that the mountain is around -4000,-4000. In both cases, it's likely that wand guy if off by 2000 or less.
- This leaves a final quest. I'd be surprised if it were the explorer's treasure quest; i know for sure that if it is, you need to find more than one treasure.

If anyone knows more, please share!
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Re: Mapping quests

Postby mok » Thu Aug 03, 2017 12:43 am

So, I just got to the second mountain, which is actuallty around -1750, -1680. And there's nothing on top! Doesn't seem to be anything in the inside either. It definitly fits the description: hollow, perfectly round shape when seen from above, extremely high... So, yeah. I guess the rest of the quests aren't there yet.

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